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The Future of Convenience: Weed Vending Machines Are Coming

Who needs munchies when your vending machine is stocked with pot?

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Do you remember the first time you saw vending machines stocked with iPods, headphones, and other high-end electronics? It was crazy, like, who would buy headphones from a vending machine in an airport lobby?! But then, as if by coincidence, you reach into your backpack and realize that you left those white earbuds of yours at home, with a six-hour flight in staring you in the face…

 Things tend to sneak up on you unexpectedly, and what may have initially seemed like silly idea now seems absolutely brilliant. What if we told you we were on the verge of having marijuana-filled vending machines? 

Thanks to, American Green, we just might be seeing them pop up in casinos and other highly frequented places in the near future. However, it’s not as easy as just putting marijuana in a vending machine and placing it on any given corner, there will be a lot of technology involved in order to verify your age and identity to make sure you’re not pulling a fast one.

This could be a glimpse into the future, as long as marijuana finally becomes as legal as Pepsi. To find out more about the future of convenience, watch our MERRY JANE News report above.

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