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Tender of the Week: The Higher Path

Step into the garden and while you're there, cop some flower!

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In the sprawling concrete jungle that is Los Angeles sits The Higher Path, a Sherman Oaks medical marijuana dispensary that upon entrance transforms into a serene garden. The collective opened three years ago, when owner Jared set a goal of bringing the wellness-centric vibe of Northern California to SoCal. MERRY JANE stopped by to chat with Ariana Bean who has worked at  The Higher Path since it opened.

(Photos: Terrell Young/MERRY JANE)

Ariana showed us around the collective and we got up close and personal with their proprietary strain SF Dragon’s Breath, the perfect flower for a creative daytime high. Originally from Boston, Ariana moved to Los Angeles four years ago. When’s she’s not helping match patients with products she's a drummer in the rap/punk duo NoLoveForTheseDames.


MERRY JANE: What attracted you to a career in the cannabis industry?

Ariana Bean:  I’ve always wanted to learn more about the plant, so once I moved here, I was determined to go into a dispensary because we didn’t have them in Boston at that time.

MJ: What’s your go-to product that you’d recommend to a new patient? 

AB: Topicals are my first suggestion for anyone who isn’t open smoking cannabis or if it's their first time. I use the Awakened Topical in the morning, at night, and even throughout the day if my eyes are puffy. Once I started using it, my breakouts went away. It’s also good for sunburn and to prevent breakouts.  As a drummer I use it before, during and after performances for endurance and to help with muscle spasms.

MJ: How do you like to get high?

AB: There are so many different ways to medicate! I don’t stick to one consistently. If we get a new product in, I’ll try it! It’s nice experiencing things first hand so you can talk to a patient about what they will experience if they’ve never tried cannabis before. I like joints and I love bongs, but that depends on what I have to do that day or what strain I am smoking. Vaping is popular too because you can do it on the go. It’s also much cleaner. I love the sublingual sprays,  I call it my liquid Xanax! (laughs) Edibles are great too, I usually use them when I need to sleep or with pain.

If you find yourself in Sherman Oaks, California, swing by The Higher Path and tell them MERRY JANE sent you! Want to show your budtender some love?

Comment below and tell us which collective we should visit next.

The Higher Path
14080 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


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