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Tender of the Week: Lightshade Peoria

Check out the Denver dispensary where Millennial's bring the 'rents.

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Lightshade is a Denver chain of marijuana dispensaries that opens it doors to thousands of tourists and locals each year.

It was at Lightshade's Peoria location that we met Amanda, a budtender from California who’d spent most of her life living in Colorado.

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As long as you are 21 or older, Lightshade has a family-friendly vibe, Amanda shares with MERRY JANE.

Medical and recreational customers have come in with their parents and even grandparents in tow, all to share that magical marijuana experience.

MERRY JANE: How did you end up working in the cannabis industry?

Amanda: It honestly was one of those things where I started with my medical card and it got to the point where I could see how much fun Budtenders were having and it was the perfect fit for me. Now I have been doing it for two years. You have to be really passionate about this industry because it is impossible to sell someone something you haven't tried.

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MJ: Tell us about the first time you got high?

A: Oh man! I was in high school. I was in my friend's basement and had to go back to school after, which was strange, but I enjoyed it.

MJ: Describe your standard smoke sesh. How do you like to get high?

A: I am a dabber! I like the waxes and the shatters. It's my favorite because it hits me hard, it is extremely potent, and it tastes good. As far as my favorite strains, I like Primus OG because it is a heavy indica and it is really great for chilling and pain relief.

MJ: What's your most memorable patient experience?

A: We have a patient that comes in just to hang out with us. He feels like he is family here, and he is one of my favorites because he feels so comfortable.

Denver is always a fun place to visit, so if you’re in town stop by Lightshade Peoria and tell them we sent you!

Lightshade Peoria

11975 E. 40th Ave.

Denver, CO 80239

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