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Supreme’s Christmas 2016 Tee Releases Tomorrow

Could this be the most hyped Christmas tee of all time?

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Before you were even able to digest your Thanksgiving feast, it’s already impossible to go anywhere without being reminded that the holiday season is upon us. Hopefully, come Christmas morning, you’ll be showered with everything you asked Santa for. But oftentimes your family sabotages it, and instead gifts you with some shit you absolutely don’t want like socks, chapstick, or a knick-knack that you’ll never use in your entire life.

This year, how about you let them know that Supreme New York is dropping its annual Christmas tee, and you want it. In fact, they should start lining up outside the store right now to even stand a chance at getting one. Nothing in particular stands out about it, as the design is fairly pedestrian featuring good ole’ St. Nick gleefully cradling the infamous red box logo. Sure seems like a wonderful reason to spend hours waiting in the cold.

The Supreme Christmas 2016 Tee will be available on December 15 (tomorrow!) at their flagship locations and online shop.


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