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Super High Score: Indie Game Mix Torrent - Volume 2

Your favorite day of the week is back.

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It's Tuesday, which means The Stoned Gamer and MERRY JANE are teaming up to deliver yet another strong offering to all of you stoned gamers with 'INDIE GAME MIX TORRENT - Volume 2.'

We know you want to smoke marijuana and play games that are so hipster, not even the developers know they exist. Well you're in luck, because we've jammed six amazing indie games into one wildly interesting torrent that can be played for free. That's right, free. Don't worry about your ISP wagging their greedy finger at you. You're all legal -- at least with this torrent.

Here's a brief rundown of the games that are included in INDIE GAME MIX TORRENT - Volume 2, presented by The Stoned Gamer and MERRY JANE.

Open world multiplayer zombie survival game. Now clean up that drool from your mouth, stoned gamers. Survius takes place in a persistent world, which means your achievements will be remembered forever. In fact the greatest zombie survivor in Survius was only alive for 10 days, three days longer than the guy in second place. This game will require all of your mental capabilities, so dose with a powerful sativa using your favorite dab rig.

Return of the Obra Dinn seems to have a really unique creep factor -- and creator Lucas Pope's decision to create a real-time first person adventure game in a 1-bit world only accentuates that.

It's rather easy to get sucked into the minimalistic ambiance of Return of the Obra Dinn. From the very first moment you crank up the game you're presented with what feels like an interactive silent movie. The game takes place in the year 1808 aboard the Obra Dinn ship, a vessel that took off from London to Asia with over 200 tons of goods six years ago but was declared lost at sea within months of its departure. Enjoy this with a poorly wrapped hybrid blunt. Don't worry, you'll have time to re-roll it.

Heads up, game developers. Throw survival gameplay in a post-apocalyptic setting and you basically have everyone at The Stoned Gamer and MERRY JANE swooning over your project. Add a turn-based hexagonal playfield all encompassed in a 16-bit universe and we'll basically carry and nurse your first born, free of charge.

Blue Bottle Games NEO Scavenger will take you back to the days when lengthy descriptive paragraphs and a vivid imagination meant everything in adventure games. This is a demo of the game, and we suggest taking as many bong hits as possible so you can fully immerse yourself in NEO Scavenger's intense world.

The first game I ever pirated was Wolfenstein 3D -- so if you want my $9.99 ID Software, I'll promise to buy your next game. Oh that's right, your company effectively dissolved in 2009 when ID Software was acquired by Zenimax, the parent company of Bethesda. Fortunately Free Lives have created a physics-based Wolfenstein game that feels like you're infiltrating an empire made of playdough. We suggest hefty amounts of Girl Scout Cookies. The strain, not the snack. Those things will make you fat.

The team developing Mega Man 2.5D makes it abundantly clear on their website that they are in no way affiliated with Capcom, which would ultimately make all of this highly illegal. Fortunately Capcom seems to have a pretty relaxed policy on their IP as we've seen with their funding of indie-made.

One really slick thing about Mega Man 2.5D is that it offers a co-op mode in which the second player can be Proto Man, the bastard son of Dr. Wily and Dr. Light and overall emo guy. Just use the existing THC in your body to play this. The nostalgia high you'll get from this will be more than enough.

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All the way from Brazil to your computer monitor, and you don't even have to worry about getting Zika virus. Death's Life is a puzzle game based on the concept of Rube Goldberg machines, which basically means you'll be pulling out your hair trying to solve it. Once you do solve these puzzles, you're greeted to a spectacular death that was designed to look like an accident. Scary stuff, but fun nonetheless. Smoke a strong sativa with this one so you'll go to a depressing existential crisis.

Download the INDIE GAME MIX TORRENT - Volume 2 right here. The torrent can also be found on The Pirate Bay, just search for it there. Always, stoned gamers, don't forget to seed.

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