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Netflix Officially Greenlights Season 2 of Stranger Things, Shares Teaser

It’s about to get even stranger y’all.

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For anyone that watched the excellent first season of Stranger Things and absolutely fell in love with Eleven and the motley crew of nerdy kids, the official announcement that Season 2 will for sure come out in 2017 should be music to their ears.

The teaser doesn’t divulge any plot points or show any footage whatsoever (our best guess is that none of it has been filmed yet) but instead freatures the theme song ominously droning on as the words “Madmax. The Boy Who Came Back to Life. The Pumpkin Patch. The Palace. The Storm. The Pollywog. The Secret Cabin. The Brain. And the Lost Brother. In the fall of 1984…the adventure continues.” appear sequentially and intriguingly on the screen.

It ends with “Season Two” slowly materializing in neons, just as the intro titles do in the first season.

This leads only to more questions. Are these obscure references? Hints at future characters and places in Season 2?

Variety has reported that it will clock in at  9 episodes (compared to 8 in the first season) and that the creators, the Duffer brothers, will be writing the second season as well.

Watch the teaser, and start thinking about what the cryptic words could mean. You’ve got at least the rest of the year to come up with your theories!



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