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Stevie “Flaco” Perez Rips Through His “Riddles In Mathematics” Part at High Speed

Catch the West Coast slasher's latest Transworld video part.

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In case anyone needed more reasons to hurry up and cop Transworld’s latest and 29th full video, “Riddles In Mathematics”, Stevie Perez’s portion of the project just got released to the public, and damn is it good!

Perhaps the Chocolate rider and Trunk Boy extraordinaire isn’t the most talked about name out, especially with new ams and skaters swarming the scene seemingly every minute, but this Riddles in Mathematics part most definitely sprinkles the necessary respect on Stevie’s name.

The mofo’s got style for days, looking like a young skate rat that ditched his sister’s Quinceañera to go kick it with the homies instead. Pero, don’t let the baby face fool you, dude rips like a full-grown man, terrorizing all kinds of street rails, gap, curbs, and ledges. All this action goes down to the sounds of a badass and percussive Latin instrumental with a lingering flute and piano combination that pushes it all along real nicely. There’s also an LA/LBC montage of supporting characters such as the never-not-impressive Jake Johnson, a street unicorn in his own right.

The title might be referring to head-scratching, but trust me when I say this, “Riddles In Mathematics” is definitely a no-brainer for skate enthusiasts that dig good and stylish ripping executed and edited exceptionally well. Props to Chris Thiessen on this one. Do yourself, and the producers, a favor and support this project by purchasing it here.

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