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Snoop Dogg Roots for an Angry Goat on the Rampage in Brazil

On this episode of “Planet Snoop,” escaped livestock rings people’s bells.

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Welcome back to Planet Snoop, a MERRY JANE original series where everyone’s favorite nature-documentary narrator, Snoop Dogg, brings his wild commentary to the craziest viral videos on the web, like a squirrel fighting a snake, a fearless snake charmer, and a fisherman in over his head.

In the latest installment, the Dogg reacts to footage of an escaped goat as it goes on a rampage in Brazil, chasing people and ramming the hell out of them. Anybody can get it, any which way. Nuts, butts, and guts—this goat doesn’t give a damn. That’s why it’s the G.O.A.T.

Planet Snoop was made for the people, so let us know which video you want Snoop to narrate next.

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