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Watch Some of San Fransisco’s Finest Hill Bombing in “SF Plummet”

One of the slopiest cities has its hills put to good use by some very brave skateboarders.

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If you know skateboarding then you know that San Francisco is definitely one of its Meccas. Not only is tried and true institution Thrasher Magazine based there, but some of the culture’s best and brightest riders, spots, and history also exists in the city. Although OG spots like EMB and Pier 7 have always captivated the time and minds of skate aficionados, some of SF’s most notorious terrain isn’t even a plaza at all. Instead, it’s literally its hilly layout—the formula for some of the world’s gnarliest hills! And yes, from time to time, equally gnarly skateboarders sacrifice their bodies to the slope. 

Kaylanne Diaz’s two-part “SF Plummet” dropped online (pun very intended) and boy is it an incredible and unfiltered look into the art, and straight up savagery, that is San Francisco hill bombing. Seriously, this is about as intense as it gets. Not only are riders at the mercy of of their boards and the not-so-perfect pavement, but then you’ve also got the free radicals of traffic and pedestrians to watch out for. Though there aren’t any incredibly nasty wipeouts, the drama of watching a human body fly down at speeds that definitely surpass 15 miles per hour at times is an adrenaline rush of its own. Now imagine doing it yourself. Hella props go out to daredevilsPablo Ramirez, Pedro Delfino, Adrian Flautero, James Neveils, James Ferrando, Ryan Ward, Keith Silvers and Zane Timpson for laying it down on the line for real.

if you compare skateboarding to its grandfather—surfing—then you can make the connection that SF hill bombing could be equivalent to big wave surfing. That particular type of often requires surfers be towed out by jet skis because of the difficulty of getting out far enough to catch a wave that huge. And just in case you thought the initial plummet wasn’t enough, Diaz is kind enough to offer a “Part 2” that incredibly ups the ante with riders tricking off before heading down the hills at insane speeds.

Hill bombing is honestly the stuff of blue-collared legend, and definitely not for everyone because of the huge risks involved. One slip or speed wobble and you could be calling it a wrap for the rest of the year, if not worse. But if you’re capable, and bold (or bat shit crazy) enough, it’s the kind of riding that really seals your name in ability. Aside from ditch skateboarding, it really doesn’t get any wilder than this. Hats off to all the rippers that make it down stylishly and safely. It’s like riding off into the sunset after the fiercest gun battle of your life, so thank your balance and lucky stars partner!

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