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San Fransisco Resident Sneakily Delivers His Resume To Prospective Employers In A Box Of Donuts

A sweet treat surprise might just land you an interview.

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While entrepreneurship takes a more and more prevalent position into the mainstream, landing a job can be quite tricky in a slow and recovering economy, as most of us can surely attest.

Your resume itself is likely to land in the middle of a large stack of hundreds of job seekers who may, or may not, have better qualifications. To make matters worse, these days you are practically required to fill out an online application before being forced to then to reformat your resume into a font-limited nightmare. You're lucky if you even got a "thanks but no thanks." 

In addition to crafting a resume with the right balance between accuracy and embellishment, those of us who are lucky enough to land a job interview can get overcome with nerves. We are so worried about how we are going to make our first impression to a prospective employer and we forget to be ourselves.

One San Francisco resident has taken his approach to the extreme by masquerading as a delivery guy and inserting his resume in a box of fancy donuts.

Lukas Yla, a 25-year-old Lithuanian marketing professional, set his sights on creativity and that is exactly what he achieved.  The kid—that term is used loosely—successfully delivered scores of resume filled donut boxes to tech, public relations, and marketing companies across The City and almost immediately landed 10 interviews.

Let’s face it; we would all peruse an unexpected resume while we enjoy a couple of gourmet donuts. Although Yla admits his method is “a bit odd” he says he will not stop.

“I haven’t even delivered donuts to all the companies I admire and love what they’re doing.  Recruiters, marketing pros, and people in general love this kind of approach,” he goes on to say.  “It’s something you didn’t expect, fun and out of the box.”

This job-hunting genius really puts the traditional application process into perspective.  If you can’t be yourself and show your true potential to a true professional, then you had better get used to flipping burgers and stuffing tacos… or filling donut boxes.

What other creative ideas could you try in order to stand out against the majority?




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