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Philadelphia’s “Sabotage” Crew Shreds Ledges in Lyon, France

Adieu Love Park, bonjour Hotel de Ville.

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There’s absolutely no doubt that the destruction of Philadelphia’s Love Park was a tough blow for the American skateboard community to bare. So many moments and memories were forever immortalized there. But you know what they say, when one era dies another one begins.

Though flying across the pond to France to skate another soon-to-be-demolished skate landmark isn’t what we may have imagined would result from the change, it certainly has yielded a fresh new edit from Philly’s renowned Sabotage skate crew.

“Sabotage in Lyon” is a little over five minutes of sick, raw and rugged footage of deliciously technical plaza skateboarding. When Thrasher Magazine sent the squad over to France, I’m not sure they were aware of what they were unleashing on those hallowed grounds. Riders like Dylan Sourbeer, Joey O’Brien, Brian Panebianco,and more look and feel like four-wheeled mercenaries the way in which they take care of business here. Plus French rap tracks like Rif and Tino’s “Fulton Street” add to the authentic, no frills ambiance and aesthetic of things. Before more modern collectives like GX 1000 and LurkNYC, there were godfathers like the legendary Sabotage videos, renowned for their editing and surveillance style blueprint along with autehtnic street skateboarding credibility.

Though disappearing plazas hurt the game, tough crews definitely adapt and survive the change. Respect to Philadelphia for taking its homegrown talent worldwide. Be sure to support that talent by visiting the Sabotage online shop where “Sabotage 4” is available for purchase.

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