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Robert De Niro To Star in new Amazon Show

Time to meet your maker Fockers!

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Here’s some news most movie buffs are surely excited to hear. The one and only Robert De Niro, has just signed on to star in his first TV show. It nearly happened in the recent past, when he was in talks to play the lawyer in HBO’s The Night Of, but everyone can agree John Turturro did an amazing job with that part and seeing De Niro wrapping his feet in saran wrap would have been just plain weird.

The Weinstein Company is producing the show ( just a little piece of advice to the director: ask for final cut rights), and it will stream exclusively via Amazon. Netflix isn’t scared just yet but that’s definitely a power move by Jeff Bezos.

The show, untitled as of now, will also star Julianne Moore (we’ll always have Short Cuts Julianne…) and will be written and directed by David O. Russell. He’s a nice enough guy except when he threatens to physically injure actors on set. He’ll have to be nice to Bobby because this will be their 4th project together after Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and Joy. Although, one would be crazy to try to start something with De Niro, he may be old, but he’s still got it!

The show will be a drama centered around the the criminal underworld, a genre De Niro knows a little something about. If it’s critically successful, this show would prove to be a great move for De Niro, because his career has looked rather terrifying since the early 2000’s. Nonetheless, we all love De Niro despite his sometimes puzzling choices of films to participate in.

Critical success isn’t the only thing Bob is after mind you, his paycheck is rumoured to be a nice $850,000 per episode. With eight episodes per season and the show having already been greenlit for two seasons, with the lofty sum of a $160 million production budget. That will put $13,600,00 in De Niro’s pocket. Not too shabby for a couple months' work at the ripe age of 73.

All jokes aside, Russell is quite a talented filmmaker (perhaps excluding I Heart Huckabees), and by surrounding himself with actors of De Niro and Moore’s calibre, there’s a lot of chances this could be your next television addiction. Or it could be awesome but end up like Deadwood or basically any show by David Milch. Fingers crossed!

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