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Riff Raff on Snoop Dogg's GGN

The Peach Panther is bringing coral back.

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What started off as a freestyle session ended up being an interview of the century. Riff Raff was dressed to the nines and color-coordinated with his two “friends” who stood by his side the whole time he was hangin’ with Snoop. Riff and Snoop talk grills, music, what it’s like when fans ask them to take pictures, and Riff’s upcoming album, Peach Panther.

Riff Raff is making his way back to the top of the music charts with his new album Peach Panther, and his recently announced 4 million dollar deal, Neon Nation Corporation. Riff started Neon Nation Corporation because he is always looking for up-and-coming talent and this is the best way to incorporate new artists. Through Neon Nation Corporation Riff intends to drop one album, every year, over the next four years.

While the albums are not complete, Riff has the album titles and by the names alone we think people will buy them before hearing them. After Peach Panther drops, fans can expect to see Aquaberry Aquarius, Cranberry Vampire, and Maroon Moon before 2021. In fact, Riff says that he will keep dropping his albums on June 24 so you can mark your calendars now.

Riff’s album Peach Panther, which is the first of the four Neon Nation Corporation albums is set to drop June 24.

Peach Panther features artists G-Eazy, Danny Brown, Problem, Lil Durk, King Chip formerly known as Chip Tha Ripper, and America’s favorite man, Gucci Mane—who since filming has been released from prison. Based off the artists alone, this is an album that any hip-hop fan will love.

Not only does Riff have the Peach Panther album coming out, but he also has a Peach Panther movie in the works that should come out the month after the album drops.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for Riff Raff's name this summer and don't forget to cop Peach Panther on June 24.

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