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Remember When Charles Manson Freaked Out For Being Caught on Camera Smoking Weed?

On the anniversay of his heinous crimes, a look at Manson and his relationship with the potent plant.

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There are rumors surfacing that Season 6 of American Horror Story will be based on the horrific Charles Manson murder. 

Anyone remember that time the series “Hard Copy” leaked a video of Charles Manson smoking weed in prison on live TV and he went berserk? 

In normal, healthy human beings, marijuana use evokes feelings of pacifism, creativity, and enhanced art and music appreciation. This is not the case if you're a psychopath, and for a textbook-quality case study on the effects of marijuana on sociopaths, look no further than Manson himself. 

Manson was absolutely livid when he learned that “Hard Copy” aired a clip of him smoking marijuana in prison on live TV.

“I'm upset with Hard Copy, on this level, from this perspective.” Manson complained. “... And all you people that put that s--- on the air!” Smoking cannabis, in Manson's opinion, tarnished his image. Not even marijuana can soften the rage flowing through Manson's veins.

Spiking food with LSD was an everyday thing for members of the Manson “family.” Marijuana and all other drugs were included. When police discovered the bodies at the home of Sharon Tate, they also found a whopping 75 grams of marijuana and 30 grams of hashish stashed away in the house. Sharon Tate would have married her fiancé Roman Polanski, had the killings not taken place.

Manson orchestrated “mission kills” by manipulating other people to kill by proxy. By the time they were done, the Manson Family had violently killed seven people along their path of spree killings. It would become known as the Tate/LaBianca murders.

Like all crazed cults, the Manson family believed in an apocalyptic doom. Helter Skelter, an imaginary impending race war, he claimed, would be the end of mankind as we know it. Manson was “shocked” when he found out the Beatles didn't support his agenda. Manson scooped up dozens of vulnerable men and women along the way.

He even recruited The Beach Boy's Dennis Wilson and his groupies for a brief time. The Beach Boys recorded a modified version of Manson's song “Cease to Exist.” The relationship with the Beach Boys quickly turned sour, when Manson presented Dennis Wilson with a bullet and said “Every time you look at it, I want you to think how nice it is your kids are still safe,” according to longtime co-writer Van Dyke Parks.

​Manson is so good at manipulation, he still has vulnerable young women lined up to take his hand in marriage during his life sentence in prison. 

In recent weeks, Governor Jerry Brown denied parole for Leslie Van Houten for her role in the killings, for the sixteenth time- stabbing someone 16 times will do that. Even in modern times, Manson's followers still have trouble denying his divinity.

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