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Primitive Skateboards’ “Pendleton Zoo” Shows Off International Skills

From humble beginnings to a seasoned squad of rippers and OGs, the young company holds things down and drops an awesome group effort of ledge and street shredding.

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Not only has solidified his own legacy in skateboarding as one of the sport’s premiere prodigies during his teenage years, but the grom-turned-boss has spent the last decade sharpening his skills on the board and in the boardroom. And while he continues to skate, Rodriguez’ spends most of his focus these days on his entrepreneurial ventures like Primitive Skateboards, his homegrown clothing and board company. Just a few years back the brand was trying to transition from a Los Angeles sneaker store to a full-blown board brand, an incredibly tough road for any four-wheeled start-up. Now, thanks to elbow grease and follow through things are in a grooving trajectory on par with P. Rod’s skating. The result is a strong team of gunners like Diego Najera, Carlos Ribeiro, Marek Zaprazny and Trent McClung along with OG platoon leaders like Bastien Salabanzi. Together the squad poured their skills into the field to create “Pendleton Zoo,” the company’s brand-new edit.

If you dig line after line of solid street and ledge work, you’ll fall in love with this one. Keeping things classy and clean, the montage is a straightforward and upbeat snapshot of how the Primitive team handles business on the board. Cuts from Wu Tang’s “16th Chamber” introduce the video, while sharp editing and colorful titles add pop and flair to balance out the skating. The “Zoo” is definitely for the board flippers and ledge magicians, with the Primitive team cutting up city streets like surgery. Keep an eye out for the team’s skilled rail work as well, with a hammering ender down a massive double set to boot.

Props to the “P” and its evolution, the hard work definitely shines through on this one.

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