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People Are Growing Marijuana in Some Pretty Weird Places

Check out 4 highly unusual cannabis grow farms.

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It's still federally illegal to grow weed, so many people are resorting to cultivating their marijuana in some pretty weird places.

Check out these not-so-usual places where people are actually growing weed.


Growing Pot in a Prison

Oh the irony. In 2014, Nicholas Erker purchased the 60,000ft
2 High Plains Correctional Facility in northeastern Colorado for $150,000 with the intention of turning it into a huge grow operation. He had hoped the operation would help bring the surrounding area financial stability by replacing the jobs that were lost when the prison closed in 2010. Sadly, he did not get his grow fortress. The city council in Brush rejected his plan with a 4-3 vote. “I am disappointed in some of the council members for not taking the time to educate themselves for the betterment of the community,” Erker told 7News. That’s okay Erker, it was a good try. And we appreciate the irony. A pot to prison farm is also in the works in California.

Grow-op Found in Underground Bunker


This guy wasn’t messing around when he was preparing for the end of the world. A Ohio man was accused of growing marijuana in a backyard underground bunker. Police found 19 marijuana plants including grow equipment and chemicals. It’s not certain what tipped off Police, but if you’re popping in and out of the ground smelling strongly of weed, someone’s bound to notice. We all know you’re dying for Ohio to legalize, but maybe next time be a little more careful.

In the Midst of a Cornfield

(Photo via Gary Cameron/Reuters)

Probably the most common way to happen upon a grow is trekking through a forest or lots of overgrown bush way out in the boonies. This is how Kaitlin Whitney, a writer for the Atlantic, came across a secret grow op in the middle of a cornfield. Walking through corn stalks 10 feet tall and stepping over sharp jutted corn-leaf edges could inflict a lot of pain, so most people don’t mosey through them. Many cornfields are tended to until it’s time for harvesting. Whitney describes what a perfect place for local grow-preneurs to harness their growing skills, hidden among thousands of cornstalks. There’s even internet forums devoted to sharing tips for growing marijuana in other people’s cornfields! C’mon America, if we’ve resorted to growing cannabis among a dense field of corn, shouldn’t that be a sign to legalize marijuana?

Hidden Bookcase Room

If you ever feel like being the James Bond of weed, this would be the perfect place to conceal your grow. In Essex, England police found approximately 250 plants in an
underground chamber in a local pub. After checking out a tip from an anonymous call, police discovered a metal door concealed by a bookcase in the Joker public house. The police looked through a small hole and spotted the plants along with their own irrigation system. If you’re thinking about growing weed in a hidden high-tech facility concealed by a revolving bookcase door, we say go for it! Just make sure you’re in a legal state…