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PAX Rolls Out Vape Pen You Can Control With an App

Check out the high-ly anticipated PAX 3 and the new PAX Era.

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When PAX Labs (then known as Ploom) first came along in 2012, it put all other vaporizers to shame. The chic flat design was easy on the eyes, as well as on your lungs. On Thursday, the San Francisco based company announced the third incarnation of its vape which has been dubbed the “iPhone of Vaporizers.” PAX Labs also released a marijuana oil pen called the PAX Era. 

The new design includes multiple removable inserts, for loose leaf material, smaller amounts of loose leaf material, and concentrates.

"What we saw when talking to our customers was that a number of them are starting to use other types of materials beyond [marijuana] flower," PAX CEO Tyler Goldman told Business Insider. "And so now, PAX 3 will have three oven types."

The PAX 3 includes settings which can be controlled using the new PAX Vapor app. Users can lower or raise the temperature and dim the LED lights when vaping in public and on the down low. The new model has an upgraded heating system that delivers consistent hits of vapor for 15 seconds. Like iPhones, the new model has a longer lasting battery life.

The PAX Era operates like an e-cigarette. The Era abandons the threaded cartridge system for a smaller model. A “puff counter” on the LED display lets you track sessions that you'd otherwise forget. The Era Pod canisters are removable marijuana oil-filled canisters courtesy of San Francisco-based Bloom Farms. Pax offers a similar nicotine pen Juul. Pax Labs claim that the Era delivers a superior taste compared to competitors.

The PAX 3 runs $274 at retail price and the thrifty PAX Era runs at $59 at retail price.

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