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Paul Wall Wants to Give the Gift of Gold Grills to Olympic Medalists

The Houston rapper wants to bling out all Team USA Olympic medal winners.

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It’s been quite awhile since the Houston-based rapper Paul Wall was featured on Nelly’s hit song “Grillz”, which was blasting out of speakers all over the world back in 2005.

In more recent years, Paul Wall hasn’t been too prevalent within the hip hop scene, but has instead focused his attention on his high-end gold grill business called Johnny Dang & Co., which he runs alongside his partner Johnny Dang.

According to TMZ, Paul Wall and his partner have recently offered a free gold grill to every single USA athlete that took home a gold, silver, or bronze medal from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

From the men’s and women’s basketball squads to all-time great swimmers like Michael Phelps (also known as an avid toker) and Katie Ledecky, apparently all U.S.-based athletes are eligible for a gold grill courtesy of Paul Wall.

Recently released photos show that the gold grills being offered to the medal winners will be customized with the Olympic logo and ‘Rio 2016’ written across the front.

The congratulatory statement sent out by Johnny Dang & Co reads:

“Dear 2016 Olympians,

We are proud to watch you representing for US while you compete in Rio. To commemorate and congratulate the Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners, we at Johnny Dang & Co. Houston would like to offer you all a free gold grill.

Please enjoy your tremendous accomplishment, and contact us at your earliest convenience to receive your free gold grill. Much love and Congratulations!

Sincerely yours,

@TVJohnny, @PaulWallbaby, and @DiamondBoyz713.”

It will be interesting to see whether or not any athletes from the overall victorious USA will bite at the opportunity to get a free gold grill from Dang and Paul Wall. I’m not sure how the U.S. gymnastics team would look fitted with all of that bling, but for some reason, I could definitely see the recently disgraced swimming star Ryan Lochte rocking a gold grill while he continues trying to explain to the media why he “over-exaggerated” a story about being robbed while in Brazil.    

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