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Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Drift Through Space In "Passengers"

Wakey wakey.

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Cryogenic sleep or hibernation seems to be commonplace in intergalactic travel films. In Morten Tyldum’s Passengers, former funny man turned beefy hunk Chris Pratt and the beautifully charming Jennifer Lawrence star as Jim Preston and the aptly named Aurora Dunn. Due to a ship malfuntion, they wake up from their suspended sleep in a space vessel destined for a far away colony a whole 90 years prematurely. As the rest of the passengers slumber on, their rapport develops (steamily by the look of it) until they realize that something is wrong with the ship and that they, as well as the other 5000 passengers may never reach their destination. It’s about to get crazy aboard the Avalon! 

Norwegian director Morten Tyldum, responsible for 2012’s Headhunters and 2014’s The Imitation Game is at the helm of Passengers and given his previous film experience as well as being armed with an estimated budget of 120 million dollars, a script by John Spaihts (Prometheus,) and Laurence Fishburne, Andy Garcia and Michael Sheen (as a cyborg bartender) cast alongside Pratt and Lawrence, there is little reason to think that this film will be much of a disappointment.  

Watch the trailer here, Passengers will release December 21st. For their sake, let's just hope no one wakes up like this.

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