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Paramount’s New Movie, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Comedy, romance and zombie gore. What more could you want?

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Walking Dead meets Superbad in this hilarious comedy about two best friends who think they are about to have the best night of their life. The story starts off with them realizing that there is no bouncer at the local strip club that they have literally been waiting their whole lives to get into. Once they get inside, it is revealed that they are going to have a once-in-a-lifetime kind of night, but not in the way they originally hoped for.

This movie offers a laugh out loud time with a touch of tasteful gore. These zombies are the smartest zombies you will ever come across—the “alive” version of you, but strong and very aggressive. Luckily, these two best friends have been in the Boy Scouts for as long as they have been able to walk and have the skill sets they would need to defeat a bear in the woods … or their grandma neighbor, who is now a raging zombie. This movie offers its audience a taste of horror, comedy and even romance, because what is a movie these days with out a little bit of passion? Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse will be sure to please every type of audience member and will leave everyone laughing out loud while sitting on the edge of their seats.

After seeing this movie, joining the scouts doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

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