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OJ Wheels Drops a Dope Team Video That Harkens Back to '08

“Relapse of the Mohicans” is an ode to “Last of the Mohicans.”

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Skateboard wheel company OJ has a pretty thick squad of riders. To promote the brand and clique they recently tapped filmer/skater Joe Perrin, the man behind the iconic 2008 independent skate film “Last of the Mohicans.” The offer inspired Perrin to tune back into the old project and reinvigorate its energy and appeal. It was also an opportunity to recapture the magic of some of the same riders almost a full decade later, hence the rename to “Relapse of the Mohicans” for this latest go around.

"Relapse" is an impeccably sewn patchwork of filmers and pushers that skate hard. It features some heavy street and raw spot artistry, showcases it in old school style. There’s no super-clean HD or multi-camera slo-mo here, just gritty sidewalk-level footage of some very superb abilities.

Among a slew of family and friends of the OJ team, tricks and semi-parts from riders to look for include those of Al Davis, Brian Delatorre, as well as an incredible transitional portion by Fred Gall.  In the super-saturated market of Internet skate videos, the 13 worthwhile minutes of Relapse keeps things flowing simultaneously between nostalgia and appealing retro-fresh aesthetic.

FYI, a special edition of 54mm Keyframe wheels are for sale and they include a free copy of the original “Last of The Mohicans” DVD.

Just don’t expect to see Daniel Day Lewis pick up a board.

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