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Nike SB Takes Copenhagen

Skate City, Denmark

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There may have been a phenomenal amount of partying (and psychedelics apparently) went down at last month’s Copenhagen Open , this doesn’t mean that some crews weren’t extremely productive at the same time. This Nike SB team edit proves it.

In a communal montage, both American and European contingents of the Swoosh skateboarding squad took maximum advantage of Copenhagen’s seeingly built-to-skate architecture, unleashing miles of style and skill on almost everything in sight.

Bobby Worrest, Hjalte Halberg, Andrew Wilson, Hugo Boserup, Max Palmer, Cyrus Bennett, Alex Olson, Oskar Rosenburg-Hallberg, Ishod Wair, Ryan Bobier and Ville Wester all make appearances in what looks to be a very enjoyable and fun filming mission, and it doesn’t hurt one bit that Kenton Slash Demon’s “Sun” keeps it all rhythmically sound.

Bobby Worrest comes out the clear MVP, opening with backside noseblunts of the regular and switch variety in the same line, as well as closing it out a switch frontside boardslide down a very tall rail.

Watch the edit here and if you love street skating, make it to Denmark before it starts to get cold!


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