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Phil Zwijsen Skates Entirely In The Rain In His “Waterproof” Part For Element

Slippery when wet.

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If there is one thing that is sure to stop the most epic session in dead its' tracks, it is definitely rain. While a brave select few have battled the elements with success, the most famous example being Pat Duffy’s monster back lip in the pouring rain at the end of his 1992 Plan B Questionable part, it has mostly been seen as a nuisance and an element to overcome.

No one has ever fully embraced water as a creative means of doing tricks that would otherwise be mostly impossible in its absence, until now. Phil Zwijsen, a Belgian (who have been getting major shine this year) Nike SB and Element rider has just dropped a part entirely filmed in the rain entitled “Waterproof” via The Berrics

In the amazing conceptual part, Zwijsen takes full advantage of the slippery conditions for mostly bluntslide and powerslide variations of every kind on obstacles that would be un-skateable were they not dripping wet. Future Islands’ “Balance” provides an excellent soundtrack as Phil mostly keeps his balance doing the skateboard equivalent of hydroplaning. What might be the most impressive doesn’t solely rely on the premise, the quality of the skating goes far beyond them being done in “adverse” circumstances.

It is refreshing to see a skater get so creative in a skateboarding climate where trends seem to rule and it almost seems like everything has been done. Watch the part here, and remember, that when life gives you lemons, sometimes you should just skate in the rain.


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