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New Hater Dating App Matches You With People Who Hate the Same Things as You

Finally, an app that makes being a hater productive.

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If you’ve been single in the past few years, you’re well aware of Tinder and other dating apps that allow you to swipe through potential dates based solely on a photo and a couple mutual Facebook ‘”likes.”

And while your Facebook may give a little insight into the music you like, your political views or the fact that you love Totino’s Pizza Rolls, it’s more than likely just a list of things that you added to your page when you signed up for Facebook years ag - and frankly, a high-school love for Nelly Furtado probably shouldn’t be the first thing a potential date learns about you.

If we’re describing you, it might be time to download Hater, a new dating app that ignores what you like, and instead focuses on the things that you truly despise. Hater will match you with potential dates who also can’t stand mayonnaise.

According to Vice, the app, which will officially launch on February 8th, prompts users with a wealth of hateable topics, and then four swiping options. You can swipe up for love, down for hate, and then a slightly less hard right and left swipe for like and dislike. After a sufficient amount of data has been collected, the app will match you with people who share similar disdains.

When Hater launches there will be about 2,000 topics to hate on, including, but not limited to Donald Trump, gluten-free lifestyles - and yes, weed.

So if you’re tired of showing up to the bar to meet a date who loves Migos, only to find out halfway through dinner that they think smokin’ Cookies is a gateway to heroin addiction, circle next Wednesday on your calendar and clear some space on your phone for Hater. 

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