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Never Fear Weed On Family Vacation Again

5 ways to medicate while on the road with your family.

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It's time for family vacation again. It's almost never a good idea to bring paraphernalia across state lines unless it's an emergency. Your trip may take you through the states with the worst marijuana laws. Never fear, because there is always a way to engineer a hot nail or pipe when you're on the go and on the down low.

Last year, Randal S. Olson created a scientifically optimal road trip map using an algorithm that spans across the continental 48 states. The trip stops at each of the 48 states, visiting the most important National Parks, historic sites, and National Monuments. It should be a crime to not appreciate the wonder and beauty of America without the enhancement of ganja.

Chances are, you'll be medicating in stealth mode  whether it's to conceal it from Grandma or conceal it from the kids  so here are five way to medicate on the road.


Why not eliminate a giveaway odor completely? Most are unaware of the power that certain edibles contain. Edibles like Cheeba ChewsKushy Punch, and The Smack Bar and provide extra-strength edibles that pack a punch that rivals the strength of smoking a hit.

1. There's only one rule here  keep away from children.

Car Lighter Dabs

The ingenuity of smokers never fails to amaze. There are several videos on YouTube that illustrate how to use a car cigarette lighter as a heating element to dab with. Find a reason to go to the car alone and exhale the smoke outside.

1. Push in the car lighter to heat it up.

2. Drop a blob of wax, oil or reclaim on top, using it as a hot nail.

3. Inhale carefully without burning your lips. Pure genius.


Cancer-causing cigarettes are an incredibly addictive and filthy habit. They do, however, provide a DIY way to mask the odor from a hit on the go without lugging around a piece or suspicious vaporizer. It may be a little wasteful, but effective.

1. Wet your cigarette.

2. Roll in kief, or add a fancy dab decoration.

3. Smoke it. The socially-acceptable cigarette stink will be enough to mask the pleasant smell of ganja.

One-Hitter Bat

You can't go wrong with a classic one-hitter bat. Looks like a cigarette, packs a single hit. Most one-hitters on Etsy come with a clever wooden case for carrying your herb and a dugout for packing hits. Often they are conveniently disguised as legal cigarettes. The downside is that a bat is unnecessary paraphrenalia.

1. Pack your bat using its convenient case.

2. Take a snapper hit, clearing the one-hitter.

3. Repeat.

Make Yourself a Mute

This DIY apparatus goes by many names depending on what region you live in  a sploof, a mute, bounce barrels, deuces or a whoopie  the concept has always been a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets. Using a mute, you can literally smoke in the bathroom, flush the toilet, and exit without being detected by a family member. Never, ever burn incense though.

1. Find a cardboard toilet paper roll.

2. Crumble up some dryer sheets and insert them into the roll.

3. Exhale carefully through the mute and flush. Most of the odor comes from the smoke you exhale.