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5 Netflix Streaming Movies You Need to Watch This Weekend (Nov. 25, 2016)

As if you could do anything but watch movies after eating half your body weight in turkey for Thanksgiving.

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Like most weeks heading towards a major holiday, these last few days were either spent running around getting things done or were the perfect excuse to take it easy if possible—maybe leave work a few hours early or push back a non-urgent deadline. After all, way too many Americans feel stressed at their jobs and don’t even take advantage of vacation days because they’re too busy trying to get ahead.

Well, we here at MERRY JANE hope everybody enjoyed the nice break that Thanksgiving brings and that things didn’t get too stressful for those responsible for preparing a huge dinner. Hopefully, no real serious family drama popped off while talking politics at the dinner table. If recently reported trends are any indication, a lot of you were quite relaxed for the big meal, so chances are everything was chill.

To continue that vibe, it’s time once again to dig into some movie recommendations for your next viewing experience. But as you kick back, head to the kitchen for leftovers or decide to brave a few hours looking for Black Friday deals, let’s not forget this country’s real natives, some of whom are out there standing up for what’s right.

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