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Netflix and Chill

MERRY JANE’s new weekly movies and film column.

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The term Netflix and Chill can be translated a little bit differently on this side of the cultural coin, where cannabis connoisseurs and ganja lovers consider rolling up and settling down to watch a movie as the true definition of chilling.

If you need help curating a pleasant cinematic experience for your next chill session, take a look at some of these flicks as a springboard for your marijuana marathon.


High Profits (2015)

Follow ganjaprenuers Caitlin Mcguire and Brian Rogers as they navigate through the new, legal cannabis regulations in Colorado. The episodes follow their foray into business with their dispensary Backcountry Cannabis Club located on Main Street alongside bars, cafes and eateries.

The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled (2012)

Follow Doug Benson and Graham Elwood as they share their varied approaches to their comedic existences. It’s all about opposites as viewers are given a glimpse into what life on the road looks like for two very different comedians: one who smokes and one who doesn’t.

Cash Crop (2010)

Although all eyes have been on states like Colorado, Oregon and Alaska recently, California has been holding it down as a major producer of some of the world’s finest cannabis for decades. Come along for the ride as Northern California’s cultivating community comes together to shed some light on the social, cultural and financial side of growing what the country is smoking.

Culture High (2014)

Explore the opinions of cannabis advocates who are behind the push for legalization as well as those who oppose the major step towards making marijuana legal for adults. Great viewing option in the company of those with mixed opinions. Catch appearances from people across the spectrum from Richard Branson to Wiz Khalifa, who add to the diversity of assessments.

Reincarnated (2012)

Quintessential cannabis icon and hip hop legend Snoop Dogg shares his journey to Jamaica in this intimate documentary that captures his evolution from canine to the king of the jungle, as he becomes Snoop Lion. He explores the roots of Rastafarianism, decides to don a new identity and, of course, smokes a lot of weed.  

Super High Me (2007)

Comedian Doug Benson does the unthinkable in the name of science and stops consuming cannabis. But, just as a personal experiment for 30 days and only to see if it has any effect on his health. After that, he indulges to his heart’s desire to see what happens next.

Evergreen (2013)

Watch the road to legalization in the state of Washington unfold through a chronological look at the events that made both history and headlines all over the world. It offers serious and sober perspective into the social and political implications of the landmark decision that continues to shape the conversation around cannabis.

Chronic-Con (2015)

Doug Benson just cannot stop making documentaries about his life and how he is ridiculously high for a majority of it. For this one, he ventures to the infamous Comic-Con in San Diego, but not before getting super high. Catch Benson’s famous friends Patton Oswalt and Kevin Smith in it as well.

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