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“Neon Feet” Highlights Some Incredible Cambodian Skateboarding

Southeast Asian street skating at its finest.

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It’s always mind-boggling to think about how grassroots sub-cultures like hip-hop, punk, and skateboarding have travelled and continue to proliferate around the globe on their own terms. To think about how places so geographically distant from each can share in very communal, creative, and spiritual experiences of freedom is inspiring. The newly released Cambodian skate edit, by way of Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel, “Neon Feet,” documents a street skateboarding adventure of said caliber.

The video features riders Josper Dohrs, Geng Jakkarin, Lert Saeri, Peterson Khim Rattanak, and Sopheakdalin Kong along with skater and filmer Rob Mentov of the Toronto-based skate production house Street Feet, all banding together for a cinematic trip of both humble and epic Asiatic proportions.

“Neon Feet” is soundtracked by a very spacey rendition of Herb Alpert’s “Rise” in addition to an awesome South Asian psychedelic funk tune. Both blend perfectly with the amazing skateboarding and b-roll footage, tempting us to book a ticket on the next flight out to Cambodia as soon as possible.

Check out the flat ground, street, and plaza spot action sprinkled with local energies here.

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