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Mother Knows Best: What Equipment Can I Use to Enhance My Small-Scale Indoor Grow?

A look at some of the fancy new technology that's helping home gardeners yield beautiful bud, regardless of where it's grown.

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Dear Mother,

I'm a home grower looking to kick things up a notch. I'm curious about what sort of new technology is available for folks like me. I don't have a huge yield, but enough that it would be great to have some innovative help to make my plants grow big and strong. Also looking for tips for how to handle the intense summer heat that has been happening lately and whether or not it will impact my plants.

— Groovy Gardner

Dear GG,

You're in luck! One of the awesome aspects cannabis legalization is all the fancy technology that has been created to help both commercial growers and smaller, home gardeners like yourself. Let's take a look at some of the newest products out there and what they're all about. We'll also talk about tech for growers in extreme temperatures and what's out there for them.

One new product that's just hitting the market is called Seedo, and it helps home gardeners with the initial stages of cannabis growing. Seedo is one of the first fully-automated hydroponic grow systems — and it's only the size of a mini fridge. This new tech is perfect for folks living in a small space where they can't retrofit an area for indoor growing. All you have to do is plant your seeds and Seedo does the rest: water, light, nutrients, temperature and humidity. You don't have to do a thing, though you can keep tabs on progress via a phone app.

Seedo Homelab via

I asked Seedo CEO Uri Zeevi how he came up with the idea for the product, and he sent me the following reply:

"The innovator who engineered Seedo used to work for a company that grew lettuce automatically. At the time, most of my geek friends working in hi-tech companies like Intel, IBM, and others didn’t have reliable access to marijuana. He saw a need for a way to grow cannabis at home without having to be an expert grower, so we decided to create Seedo. We met when he had his first prototype and we decided to partner together to make the Seedo dream come true."

From a techie-stoner's dream to reality! Seedo is great for folks just starting out with a home grow, as well as those in extreme climates, since you're able to have your plants grow at the perfect temperature without having to do much work on your end (besides plug the mini grow house in!).

Above, BloomBoss FUSION 600 LED Grow Light via

Besides grow systems like Seedo, there are a lot of new types of lighting products that can help boost the output of a home grower. Take the aptly-named company BloomBoss, which sells various LED lights for indoor grows. In general, LED lighting is something you're going to want to check out. There are a variety of reasons (from cost to energy saving — go green!) folks are starting to turn to LED over traditional lights. What makes BloomBoss a cut above the rest? The company makes super energy efficient products (especially compared to traditional grow lights), which not only means cheaper bills for you, but it also makes them ideal for extreme temperatures. And, speaking of extreme temps, BloomBoss lights have an active thermal control that automatically shuts down the light if things get too hot — something that is beneficial for folks living in extremely hot climates.

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These are just two of the awesome new products out on the market. There are so many more like these that will not only make growing easier for you, but will help protect your precious plants from extreme hot and cold temps. And don't forget that there are products out there with other uses that can make growing cannabis at home easier. Perhaps you'd like to pick up an infrared thermometer temperature gun that can tell you the body temperature of your plant, helping you to balance the air temp around it if need be. Or snag a macro lens for your smartphone, which can help you deduce trichome maturation!  

Good luck and happy growing!

— Mother

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