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Smoke, Flicks and Chill: Modern Day Scream Queens

Damsels in distress no more.

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Long gone are the days of a prudish, weak, centralized female figure (think Jamie Lee Curtis, Halloween-style) who runs and hides during a horror movie. Over the last few decades, your stereotypical “Scream Queen” has morphed into a woman of power, running for a weapon and completely laying waste to her assailant instead of fumbling with the lock to the front door. It’s no longer frowned upon for clothes to be shed during a film’s run time, which previously, would lead to certain death, and you’ll even witness some casual marijuana dabbling every couple scenes (and while you’re watching, we encourage it). For absolute proof of the matter, here are five new age Scream Queens who, while easy on the eyes, will kick your ass if messed with.

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