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Supporters Make the Case for Recreational Cannabis in Massachusetts

State Senator Will Brownsberger and ACLU Field Director Matthew Allen explain why residents should vote “Yes on 4.”

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In the upcoming Massachusetts election, voting yes on Question 4 will legalize recreational cannabis. Like previously featured lawyer and advocate Will Luzier, State Senator Will Brownsberger and Massachusetts ACLU Field Director Matthew Allen are both are in favor of the initiative, and with good reason.

Ignoring the irrational opposition—which tried to block the vote and ran an absurd ad that depicts legal, regulated, and taxed cannabis as a threat to children and the first step toward a dystopian future—they view 4 as an important opportunity to end black-market trade, actually protect the youth, address the disproportionate damage that the Drug War has done to black and Latino communities, and raise funds to improve society in a variety of meaningful ways.

MERRY JANE sat down with both Brownsberger and Allen to discuss the initiative. Watch the video to see why they think Massachusetts voters should say yes to 4, and what will remain to be done should it pass.

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