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Mariah Carey Spotted at Colorado Pot Dispensary on Christmas Eve

We hope Mimi still had some relaxing treats on hand after her New Year’s Eve debacle.

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A week before her notorious New Years' Eve meltdown, Mariah Carey was spotted checking out a marijuana dispensary in Colorado. While taking her annual Christmas vacation in Aspen, the pop singer and her entourage were seen checking out the wares at The Original Leaf recreational dispensary. Carey and her crew were not seen leaving with any bags, leaving it uncertain whether they sampled any of the store's edibles, extracts, dab bars, or herb varieties.

The Original Leaf, founded in 2009 as a medical dispensary, prides itself on the “top quality freshness, texture, flavor and variety” of its products. The company's website states that their “naturally grown cannabis is produced without the standard array of potentially harmful, environmentally long-lasting agricultural chemicals commonly used since the 1950s.”

The dispensary's employees would neither confirm nor deny whether Carey was a customer, explaining that it was against company policy to divulge such information. 

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