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Luan Oliveira’s “Week Long Cruise” Part Has Tons of Flavor

The Brazilian pro proves he has style, as well as otherworldly skill.

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Skaters that are just too good for the camera often run into an interesting and surprising predicament: they are often thought of as not being interesting or stylish enough by some skateboarding fans, who can be as harsh as professional film critics. The like or dislike is as preferential and free as any opinion, it’s nothing personal.

In fact, different perspectives allow for different approaches, even for the most revered of pushers. Sometimes it’s just a good change to offer the audience an alternative to what they are accustomed to. Brazilian pro, Luan Oliveira’s new “Week Long Cruise” takes his top-notch abilities and mellows them down to a casual-paced edit that still makes the eyes pop.

Laced to the indie electronic sounds of Persona La Ave’s “Going Deaf”, a fresh 808-laden track, “Week Long Cruise” is a refreshingly short, but stacked edit that really highlights Luan’s street style. Filmed and edited by João Dutra and sponsored by Oliveira’s hometown skate shop Matriz, the clip arrives just in time to promote their new collaborative board.

Expect some incredible slides, grinds, flips and flicks way too good to just be labeled a “cruise.”

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