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Look for the Leaf: 10 Cannabis-Stamped Products

For those seeking the unconventional cannabis gift.


Whether you’re using your leaf-stamped journal to record your cannabis-related thoughts or just starting to write the next great stoner novel, myriad options of pot-leaf sketchbooks and diaries, from spiral to marble to beautiful leather bound and metal-clasped examples like this one available on Amazon.

Dart Flights

The end parts of the dart, the pieces that give the miniature arrows stability in flight, can be found in various sizes and colors depending on the preference of each individual thrower. Luckily, offers six different options for marijuana leaf themed flights, meaning your darts will always match your personality.


From Bikinis to Boardshorts and beyond, pot leaves can be found adorning all manner of beachwear, proving nothing goes together quite like the beach and bud. On Etsy, Amazon and myriad other outlets, pot leaves are stamped all over every kind of bathing suit, but this particular model from Reggae King is made of leaf-shaped pieces.

Ice Trays and Baking Pans

What better way to serve up an infused cocktail than with pot leaf-shaped ice cubes? can make that dream come true with its silicone trays, and Amazon can up the game a notch by offering pot leaf-shaped baking pans for those extra-special recipe cupcakes you make every year.

Dress Socks

Got a new white collar job that doesn’t quite love your Legalize It t-shirt? You don’t necessarily have to give up entirely—you can still stick it to the man in your own way with pothead-approved dress socks. HUF’s “plantlife” series is available at PacSun in several colors, so you can match your bit of rebellion to your suit.


Yes, there are rings (finger and toe), there are hemp bracelets and enormous pot leaf belt buckles. But there are also much less cliché and much more subtle jeweled nods to cannabis culture, like this clever take on the two-part BFF necklace, featuring two pot leave halves and the caption “Best Buds.”

Game Controller Covers

Sticker skins can take your console, which (let’s face it), looks like everybody else’s, and add a personal flair. For some, this means pledging allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys or Golden State Warriors. For others, who understand how well video games and cannabis go together, it means investing in a pot-themed facade for your PS4.

Guitar Picks

In addition to inspiring some of the best rock songs of all time, cannabis can also be a part of the actual pulling of the strings with a pot leaf-themed guitar pick, which are less than $10 for a pack of five, making them an extremely inexpensive way to embrace the leaf.

Wall Clocks

Depending on where you are and why, the clock can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Take a bit of control of the situation by putting a friendly image on the face of your wall clock by investing in a pot leaf-adorned model. Available in various designs at Cafepress, cannabis clocks come in all shapes and sizes.


Once the sole province of legendary baseball players, the bobblehead has lately become a pop culture phenomenon, and so has cannabis in its own way. The irreverent merging of these two cultural products has resulted in the inevitable “Bud” bobblehead, an anthropomorphic pot leaf in a tie-dye shirt.

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