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Jahmal Williams Flows Through NYC With Panache In “Stativ IV”

Style over everything.

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The current 90s’ revival in skate culture has mostly revolved around the fashion of the times (as well as a few trends, such as body varials and no-complys) but you will still often hear people say “I would rather watch Gino push than” anyone else doing X,Y, or Z trick.

While that phrase refers to the legendary Gino Ianucci in particular, what it really refers to is broader and timeless; style. It means some skaters, a rare breed, just look so damn good doing absolutely anything on their board that it trumps anyone else at the time, no matter the difficulty. Jahmal Williams falls under that category.

Originally hailing from Boston, the seasoned skateboarding veteran and founder of Hopps Skateboards (under the Theories Of Atlantis umbrella) has been putting out parts since 1994’s Toy Machine Live!

20 years later he is still ripping, and his 2014 Static IV part is a testament to that. With impromptu lines and comfortability on his deck that border the insane, it is an absolute pleasure to watch him cruise through NYC in a part that stands out strongly in comparison to most of today’s somewhat forgettable parts. Thankfully, it is now available for repeat watching in perpetuity via Josh Stewart’s YouTube channel.

Watch the part here, and if you want more of the same be sure to also watch Jahmals Boston-centric Stone Soup part. Now show some love for Josh Stewart and cop the entire Static series on DVD!


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