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The Captains of Kush: Who Are the Most Iconic Stoners of All Time?

We hit the streets of Hollywood to ask folks who they think are the world's top tokers.

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If the marijuana community got together to select the top candidates to carve into Mount Kushmore, they would have plenty of people to consider. There are celebrities like Snoop, Tommy Chong, Bob Marley, and Willie Nelson, but also many others who may not have the worldwide name recognition as them — like Richard Lee, who played an instrumental part in the progression of our culture with the founding of Oaksterdam University. Yet there’s only so much room and not everyone can make the cut, so who’s in and who’s out?

To get a feel for who the community thinks should get the top honors, we ventured into the streets of Hollywood to ask Angelenos who they thought were the world’s most iconic stoners. It didn’t take long to discover there were two overwhelming favorites for the top spot.

Do you agree with these picks? Who do you think are the most iconic stoners of all time? Check out the video above, and let us know who made your cut in the comments below.

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