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“I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore” Is a Quirky Vigilante Film

Looks like another winner for Netflix.

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If someone stole your grandmother’s silverware, you probably wouldn’t trust the police to seriously investigate the matter, and start dishing out some vigilante justice of your own, right? Well, that’s the decision Ruth takes in I Don’t Feel at Home Anymore in this World, and she enlists her batshit crazy neighbor to help her in the endeavor.

I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore, set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, has already been picked up by Netflix. While it isn’t the first time the streaming giant has pulled this move (last year Netflix and Amazon picked up 12 films during the festival), it still marks a relatively new trend in the industry.

It’s easy for filmmakers to be tempted when courted by Netflix, as it provides an opportunity for their film to be seen by millions around the world, as well as a guaranteed payday. However, it is hard to define a “success”  on the platform, since Netflix never releases their ratings.

Last year, Nate Parker turned down a $20 million offer from Netflix for the streaming rights to The Birth of a Nation because he wanted his film to be released in theaters and go on to potentially win Oscars. For reasons unrelated, that didn’t happen, but the desire to go the classic theatrical release route is still completely understandable.

Macon Blair however, probably realized the streaming platform would be a good fit for his directorial debut, and judging from the trailer, we have to agree. Quirky indie movies with a Coen brothers’ vibe don’t usually fare well in theaters.

Blair, the lead in Blue Ruin and a neo-Nazi in Green Room (both directed by Jeremy Saulnier, and both amazing films), looks like he learned a thing or two from his time with Saulnier. Even though the film feels like the prototype of a ‘90s Sundance movie, it ‘s definitely a modern modern take.

Melanie Lynskey, who got her start in Peter Jackson’s creepy Heavenly Creatures, plays the lead, and is joined by Elijah Wood and Jane Levy (recently seen in crowd pleaser Don’t Breathe). It’s interesting to see Wood’s name attached to yet another off-the-wall project, and it should be noted that he’s invested heavily in the discovery of new voices and talent in recent years, notably through his production company Spectrevision.

Since I Don’t Feel at Home Anymore in this World has been acquired by Netflix, we regrettably won’t get to see it in theaters, but at least we’ll be able to enjoy it from the comfort of our own home as soon as next month. 

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