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How to Reintroduce Someone to Weed After Years

“Mother Knows Best” helps a couple create a “stoney bond.”

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Dear Mother,

My boyfriend hasn’t used weed in 15 years. I’d love to have a stoney bond.  Do you have any suggestions about how to introduce weed to a person who hasn’t used it in years?

— Ganja Girlfriend


Dear GG,

I get you. There’s something super special about splitting a joint with your love and then just chilling out with them doing absolutely nothing (or even something, but mostly nothing). So, it’s only natural that you want to partake in some pot with your paramour.

First, though, we should look at whether or not your boyfriend even wants to start using cannabis again. While some folks will be totally into sparking one up again, cannabis is not for everyone. So, before we talk about how to reintroduce it to him, find out if he has even the faintest desire to toke up again. If he says no, you need to respect that. If or some reason you can’t, this may not be about weed at all, and you might need to take a deeper look at your relationship and if it’s the right fit for both of you.

If he’s not entirely turned off by the idea and just needs a little convincing, you can certainly make a good case for trying weed again! Cannabis today is so different than when your boyfriend was into it 15 years ago. It’s legal or decriminalized in many states and it’s looking as if that is a growing trend in this country. That could make it easier to talk to your boyfriend about it, or might help ease his mind if he fears becoming a stoner stereotype. (Hopefully he knows better from his own personal experience with the plant and from dating you.)

Thanks to an increase in research, we also know much more about this awesome plant and its uses today than we did a decade and a half ago. Not only do we have more accurate information when it comes to various strains, but we also have had major advancements in vaping, edibles, dabbing, and more that might intrigue him when you explain what cannabis culture is like in 2017.

Before you even have him try it again, you should talk about expectations. It may not be what he remembers. It might be worse or it might be better (probably this latter). You should temper your own expectations as well. This might be the awesome “stoney” connection you’re hoping for, or it might not be. But, talking about it ahead of time could help.

Because the cannabis of today is quite different, my tip is always “low and slow” microdosing when it comes to both first-time users and those who haven’t used in a long time. Maybe start out with a vape and have him take a puff or two of low-THC herb. See how he enjoys it. And then move on from there. There are also low-dose edibles that are portioned in a way that he can take a small enough dose to see how that feels and the next time adjust accordingly.

Once you’ve spoken to him about the possibility of trying cannabis again and he gives you the green light (so to speak), why not set up a date night for the two of you? It can be low-key and simple, but will provide a sweet, safe space for him to (hopefully!) enjoy cannabis again. Find a few movies or TV shows you both love, prepare his favorite meal (or order in from a favorite restaurant), and keep things light and easy. Make sure you’re not pressuring him, either. Just let it be as natural as possible.

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I have a feeling that with a reintroduction like that, it will be enjoyable for both of you and you’ll get that stoney connection you’re hoping to find! Good luck!

— Mother

Are you over 18?