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How To Find The Right Weed Dispensary For You

Not all dispensaries are created equal.

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If you’re a toker in a legal marijuana state (lucky you), you may have noticed an onslaught of dispensaries appearing in your area. While the dispensaries, the merrier, the emergence of new pot shops means that there will be even more products to be on the lookout, potentially leading to wonderful experiences.

But just as not all bongs or pipes are created equal, the same goes for the dispensary that sells you your grass. With so many new dispensary options, there are some things you’re going to want to consider before taking your business them. For instance, some may differ in the selection and quality of the strains they offer, as well as in cost.

However, there are even more significant things you’ll want to pay attention to other than the selection/price, such as if the shop is following proper health and safety regulations, among other things (remember, just because the place is new, doesn't make it better).

So, before you pull up our MERRY JANE app find a dozen dispensaries in your area, watch the video above and keep our pointers in mind when choosing what dispensary could be the best fit for you. 

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