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The Left-Wing Podcasts You Need to Get Your Mind Right

These must-listen pods don’t get smug, they get real.

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Many of us spent the weeks and months leading up to the election listening to podcast after podcast of election prognostication. From Slate to 538, the Ringer to the New York Times, every outlet had election experts who took on the weekly task of assuring us that things were going to be just fine.

And then they weren’t. They were so far from fine that it left many of us stunned and fearful, wondering what to do, where to get reliable political coverage, and which politicians to support to start turning things around.

The time has come for something different. All of these liberal podcasts are peddling a mixture of mourning, blame, and statistics meant to make us feel better. Instead of indulging in the musings of lanyard-wearing sad sacks who thought they could condescend their way through a Hillary Clinton presidency, look to some new podcasts with some humor, some anger, and some fire. Whether they are aimed at organizing the troops or just giving them something to laugh about as fascism dawns in America, here are some of the best podcasts to get you through the last vestiges of your post-election funk and get you involved in the resistance.

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