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“GGN” Best of Stormy Fronts 2016

It’s a heavy downpour of highlights from Snoop’s weather girls!

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Earlier this month, MERRY JANE gave you the “high-lights” from this year’s GGN episodes, and while Snoop Dogg laughing his ass off with Seth Rogen and talking soap with DJ Khaled, “fuck-me boots” with Khloé Kardashian, and parenting with Ice Cube was awesome, we left some important stars out. We, of course, mean the lovely ladies of Stormy Fronts, Snoop-approved weather girls who are always quick with a pun about how hot and wet it’s gonna be. (The weather never seems to change much in their world.)

Before you ring in the new year, watch the video to reflect on 2016 with all the best Stormy Fronts moments. And, in 2017, look for more GGN videos on MERRY JANE’s Apple Music page and on MJ’s YouTube network, where Snoop’s star interviews can be seen in full 30 days after they premiere on Apple Music.

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