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Get Lit Without a Lighter This Fourth of July

While your millennial counterparts vomit up liquor-soaked watermelon before dark, instead elevate yourself, honor our girl America, and indulge in some cannabis toys and treats.

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The Fourth of July occupies a unique space in American history. Nestled between late June’s hot spells and the savage prematurity of Walmart’s “Back to School” campaign, Independence Day has evolved from a violent (albeit necessary) rebellion, to a unifying celebration of our collective right to be free.

Amidst this bittersweet climax of everyone’s favorite season, nostalgia comes in many forms. Whether sweating in the world’s slowest parade, watching sunburnt men enjoy Coors Light sans shirts, grilling meats, or musing as fireworks shimmer through the night sky, the Fourth of July is America’s love letter to herself. After six devastating months at the hands of Trump and his gang of xenophobic jackals, jah knows she deserves it.

It’s no secret the best part about this holiday is getting lit with your favorite people from sunrise to the end of the fireworks show, if you can make it that long. No matter where you are, there will be barbecues, block parties, and enough alcoholic accouterment to make activities like standing around all day on hot asphalt seem fun.

While millennial counterparts vomit up liquor-soaked watermelon before dark and fight over who gets to hold the sparkler, elevate yourself, honor our girl America, and indulge in some cannabis toys and treats. You won’t even need a lighter — a blessing if you plan on spending the holiday at the beach.

Cannapro Canna Capsules (Sativa)

These CannaPro 10mg THC capsules are as fabulous as they are discrete. Offering just the right kick for an early afternoon event (enough to ease anxiety, but not so much you’ll be weird at the party), they’re completely devoid of anything bad for you: vegan, gluten-free, fat free, sugar free… you name it.

The best part? The capsules pull apart like molly pills, so you can pull the casing and dump its contents into a drink for fun. However, be careful about dumping too many of them in alcohol — that combo isn’t legal for a reason. While you can choose from indica or sativa, I’d suggest sativa for the daytime BBQ or whatever function you end up at. Come nightfall, pop the indica, find a hot tub, and trip on colored explosions filling up the sky

Visit Cannapro’s website for more on the company

Acme Elixirs Pen with OG Grapefruit Cartridge

Acme’s set up is great for summer in terms of aesthetics, affordability, and functionally. With a thin, light green MediPen and a pink OG Grapefruit cartridge, you’ll be festive enough to sidle up to a watermelon at the buffet table and hit the pen a couple times, blending right in. The high is subtle but present, allowing the afternoon to continue as planned, but feeling better than usual.

As for their rainbow array of strain-flavored cartridges, customers know exactly what’s going on inside them due to the industry expertise of those involved (Pete Pietrangeli, owner of LA Confidential, and AJ, the man behind one of the most coveted varieties in the world, AJ Sour Diesel). All plants are grown at their farm in Northern California. The CO2 concentrate is then tested by SC Labs, one of the most respected testing facilities in the country. Acme Elixirs will soon be available in a number of dispensaries throughout California. Catch them at Chalice Cup next weekend, or stop by LA Confidential Caregivers on Melrose Ave to get one today.

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Visit Acme Elixirs’ website for more on their wild products

Flourish 100mg S’more

At this point in the hypothetical 4th of July experience I’ve curated for you, the sun has disappeared behind the mountains. The day wanes, colors stripe across the sky. Sitting around the bonfire, awaiting the firework show, now would be the time to pull out Flourish’s 100mg S’more, an extremely small treat with an extremely high THC content.

The most interesting thing about Flourish’s line of edibles is that it’s literally impossible to taste the THC, but they really, really work. In this lovely little s’more, marshmallow and chocolate are sandwiched between two THC infused graham crackers. All you have to do is pop it onto a nearby stick and roast over the fire to your liking. Beware, however, 100mg of THC is a lot to ingest at this point in your party day. Don’t be rude, pass it around.

Visit Flourish’s website for more on their edibles

Full Flava's Lemonchello Live Resin

Once you’ve reached your final destination, horizontal, watching fireworks, it’s time to break out Full Flava’s Lemonchello Live Resin.

Live resin is all the rage in the weed world mogul scene right now, due to its exclusivity and the true artistry that goes into making it. Live resin is a form of BHO, but instead of using dried and cured nugs, live resin requires fresh or frozen cannabis flowers whole. By extracting from fresh flower, more nuanced, unique aromas are captured in the concentrate that would have been lost in the curing process. Sure, you may need a dab rig for this one (good luck bringing that to the beach!) but for those organizing backyard BBQs, why not set up a bad boy packed with this lifted palette cleanser right next to the keg? (PS — you can also use a pocket nail like the Puffco Plus to try this tasty live resin). 

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For more on Full Flava, peep their awesome Instagram account here

Now, if you want to celebrate Independence Day correctly, go out there and do whatever the fuck you want. Be happy, believe in whatever you want to, express yourself. Go smoke weed on the street. Hell, get so high you float into the air and can look down to laugh at all the drunk people acting stupid below. In a political climate this terrifying, we’re reminded that the freedoms we take for granted are precious, delicate, and in danger. In this holiday’s spirit of unity, be nice to everyone, and never let fear make you hateful!

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