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Father's Day Gifts for Every Level of Stoner Dad

Earlier this week, we shared our 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide for the seasoned pot poppa. But if your dad is a more specific type of stoner, then you might need to get a more specific type of gift.

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Lead Image by Sarah Wass

Whether your father will admit it or not, chances are he’s gotten high at some point in his life. His experience may be limited to some sort of “squirreling weed under the high school football bleachers” scenario, now buried deep in the weight of responsibilities that inevitably come with time. Maybe he ate an edible at a Dead show, once. Maybe he’s the type who never quit and now smokes you out every night before dinner when you’re home.

Whatever class of weed enthusiast your dad finds himself in, Father’s Day is this Sunday, and what better way to trigger his latent (or blatant) interest in cannabis than a tasteful marijuana-themed present? When it comes to this holiday, figuring out a gift your dad actually wants can be difficult. When my dad wants something, as with most grown men, he just goes out and buys it. Give yourself an advantage this year. No one knows weed products better than us, and no one knows your dad better than you.

Earlier this week, we shared our MERRY 2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide, in which we spotlighted everything from discrete smoking devices to intense glass via Jet Waterpipes. But if your dad is a more specific type of stoner, then you might need to get a more specific type of gift. In that case, MERRY JANE’s got you covered. We’re back with a second gift list, this time tailored to various types of pot poppas, from the nervous novice to the seasoned pro.

For the Yuppie Stoner Dad...

Evoke Vaporizer

If your dad fancies international business trips, tailored suits, and covering your BMW payments, the Evoke Vaporizer is the gift for him. This futuristic design from Loto Labs implements a one-of-kind induction core that generates a magnetic field to create perfect vapor, a technology they developed by raising $218,000 through a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign. In addition to boasting a medical-grade ceramic mouthpiece with an all-glass glass air path, users can customize their vaping experienced from a smartphone app, choosing herb, concentrate, or liquid, and at what temperature.

Costing a cool $400, and now available only for preorder (they begin shipping at the end of June), Evoke’s tech savvy air of exclusivity make this the perfect gift for the Tesla owning, app-oriented father in your life.

Visit Evoke’s website for more on their next-level vapes.

For Dads Who Want to Dabble (But Are Too Afraid To Ask)...

Lord Jones All Natural Old Fashioned Gum Drops

Does your dad own an original Led Zeppelin tour shirt? Was the last time he smoked in 1971, when weed was called dope and virtually indiscernible from literal grass? Does he express mild interest in your vape pen, though clearly terrified by the hyper-potency of our brave new weed world?

If so, get him Lord Jones Old Fashioned Gum Drops. With simple, natural ingredients and 5 mg of THC in each drop, they’re a low dose experience, allowing him to control intake at his own pace. Great for first timers or someone looking to jump back in the game decades later, which at this point are essentially the same thing, this is a nice “easy your dad into THC” gesture. Consuming weed before the ‘90s no longer counts, but you don’t have to tell him that.

Are you over 18?

Visit Lord Jones’ website for more on their treats.

For Dads Who Grow Shwag in the Backyard... 

Medical Clones

What we have here is a very specific type of dad. This dad probably enjoys light beer in a semi-outdoor space he’s converted into a chill zone for him and his friends. He grows what I like to call “Dad Weed,” an improperly cured, leafy substance that only gets you kind of high. Plants are hidden amongst a tomato patch in the far corner of the yard. Seeds may be from decades prior, but he’s proud of the product nonetheless, hooking your friends up with mason jars stuffed full of it, whether they ask or not.

If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, wow him and his crew with a medicinal grade clone from a dispensary, or clone garden like this one. Costing around $35, give a cheap gift that keeps on giving. And hey, you’ll probably end up reaping the benefits as well.

For Expert-Level Stoner Dads (With Good Taste)...

Marley Natural’s Black Walnut Collection

Marley Natural’s Black Walnut Collection of smoking accessories should only be given to a truly deserving, artfully stoner father. A connoisseur of the finest strains and concentrates, he may own a lit glass case full of beautiful bongs, with expensive rolling trays, grinders and the like placed strategically atop a Herman Miller coffee table.

Exquisitely crafted (and expensive, but worth it), these water pipes, rolling rays, holders, and more are all made from sustainably grown American Black Walnut wood with heat resistant, hand blown glass. Invest only if said accoutrement will be displayed at all times. This is the weed equivalent of gifting fine art.

Are you over 18?

Visit Marley Natural's website for more on their artisanal goods. 

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