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Taking It in the Trump: Everything the President Did This Week (April 30, 2017)

As we surpass the 100-day mark of Donald Trump's reign in the White House, it's clear his presidency is as dysfunctional and contentious as ever.

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While Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, vying for the United States presidency with his nationalistic and divisive rhetoric, he released the “100-day action plan to Make America Great Again.” Although Trump frequently had issues talking details about his policy in debates against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the extensive plan finally created a palpable guide to what his goals would be as president. Well, as we all know, Donald Trump has been president for over 100 days now. Unfortunately for the Don, his checklist of campaign promises has proven more difficult than he ever could have anticipated. Throughout the past week, the Commander-in-Chief has been bombarded by reports from media outlets cross-examining his actions during this period of time, sending his administration into spin mode. But while everyone was talking about the shortcomings of Trump’s first 100 days, the president has continued down his schismatic path of executive orders and Twitter bombardments. To help you sift through the dirt, we’re bringing you another weekly installment of “Taking It in the Trump." 

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