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Justin Figueroa’s Emerica “Made Chapter Two” B-Sides Prove He’s A Beast

Figgy has no fear.

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Skaters are often judged by the quality of a video part, whether it be an individual section in a full length company video or standalone part online. As pleasurable as it is to see an expertly edited part set to music, in which a skater rifles trick after trick perfectly, one can find themselves wondering how many tries a particular trick took, or even how many times they ate shit attempting a nearly death defying drop. Thankfully, the raw footage is sometimes also shared, giving a more complete picture of the blood, sweat and tears that went into it. 

If you’ve seen the most recent Emerica video, Made Chapter Two, then you no doubt know that Justin “Figgy” Figueroa’s part is undeniably gnarly. Closing out the video (always an honor, especially when Andrew Reynolds also happens to have a part,) he skates fast and mercilessly, tackling massive rails, gaps and hubbas with reckless abandon.

As great as the part is, Thrasher has also shared the B-sides of the filming of it, and in a way it is even more impressive, as you get to actually witness the pain and toiling that it took to accomplish it all. From bruised ribs to lung hematomas, Justin had to battle hard for this part.

Get an inside look at exactly how tough Figgy is here, and be sure to read Thrasher’s interview with him as well. To watch the polished product, cop Emerica’s Made Chapter Two here!



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