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Snoop Dogg on the 2016 Election’s Most Important Issue, Leadership, and What Should Guide Voters

Our democracy needs a Doggfather.

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The 2016 U.S. presidential election has been the craziest political spectacle the country has ever seen—and that’s saying something. That’s really saying something. There have been more lies and insults than anyone could count, unhinged debates, criminal investigations, allegations of sexual assault and collusion with a foreign power to influence an election, attacks on the legitimacy of our democratic system, and seriously suspect campaign merchandise, and there will probably be much more insanity while voters make their way to polling stations.

In times of great unrest, we turn to our leaders for guidance. MERRY JANE caught up Snoop Dogg, the incredibly composed and conscientious voice of the people, who would definitely be a write-in candidate in any normal year, when it didn’t seem like the outcome could bring about the apocalypse. Watch the video to see the Doggfather share his thoughts on the most important issue in this election, the kind of leader our crazy world needs, what he thinks should determine whom the electorate votes for, and more—while puffing on a blunt. Hopefully it will bring you some peace in these troubled times and guide you as you participate in this gonzo version of democracy.

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