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How to Host a Successful 420-Friendly Presidential Debate Viewing Party

If we raise awareness, maybe we will help legalize it!

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will face off in the second Presidential Debate this Sunday Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. EST.  With the Millennial-scaring first debate and the VP debate behind us, town hall version of the debate gives us a chance to gather ’round the TV, weekend-style.

While the best thing you could do for your peace of mind would be to unplug from what will undoubtedly be some seriously infuriating blathering, you know that as a responsible citizen you should probably watch. And there is a way to make this 90-minute train headed straight for the agitation station slightly more palatable.

We suggest throwing a baller debate party that is totally and completely 420-friendly. You’re already spending your Sunday arm-in-arm with lady la ganja, parked in front of the television, so why not share the wealth while you participate in democracy with friends?

Here’s what you need to do:

Decorate like Big Brother will be checking your displays of patriotism.

Actually make the effort to jazz up your living space with some red, white, and blue! It’s easy if you order online or go to your local party store.

Via Party City

Via Amazon

On your table spread, make sure to print out some voter registration cards or set up a laptop with a registration website—there’s still time! Also include some easy-to-understand info about state propositions supporting legalization of recreational or medical marijuana!

Invite friends with different views—just not “that guy.”

Debate night should be a time for discourse. It’s a great time to have your buds with opposing views over. At the same time, you shouldn’t feel like you have to invite anybody who’s going to bring the mood down or start up a lecture that begins with “Actually….” The aimed vibe is “chill” and “invested,” not  “ticked off” and “overheated.”

Put on a pre-debate playlist before the snarking and shouting ensues.

There’s a good deal of build-up before the debate begins. Don’t let there be awkward silence. DJ Drama and Lil Durk both have MERRY JANE playlist takeovers that keep your party crackin.

Pile snacks on snacks on snacks.

This one is extremely important for a 420-friendly debate party! Encourage guests to bring some snacks of their own to add to the snack pile. Some themed ideas for you and your guests:

An Orange Bar: Cheez-its, Cheetos, Creamsicles, and Tang will make things that proper shade of Donald.

Hot Sauce in a Bag (Swag): Get an old purse. Put a couple of different hot sauces in it, like Hillary does. Place it next to….

A Taco Bowl Bar: Just like in Trump Tower, except not at all, because despite the Donald’s professed love for taco bowls, they’re apparently not even on the menu. Hey, you gotta whip out that Mexican thing!

Blue and Red Skittles and Gummi Bears: Separate out the blue and red ones and you can reference those Skittles-like Syrian refugees and the non-existent “sleeping Russian bear” proverb. Yes, it’s painstaking work, but if you’ve pregamed it’s actually hella relaxing while high.

Turn on the Subtitles.

Since politics stir up passion and there are no commercials for the 90-minute debate, everyone will probably yelling at the TV during the discussion. Rather than harsh the mellow by shushing people, just turn those closed captions on. Nobody will miss a beat!

Build a good weed surplus and plenty of paraphernalia.

Encourage your guests to bring their favorite strains and methods of toking, as well as smoking devices. This is especially good if you know a friend with a dabbing rig or a volcano, so you’re not stuck rolling flower all night.

Are you over 18?

Speaking of flower, here are two strains that fit the night’s theme:

Blue Dream: Like Hillary, it’s a hybrid. She’s on the ticket as a Democrat, but a lot of her policies seem more centrist.

Agent Orange: It’s a fitting name for the Donald, but unlike Trump, it’s supposed to have “uplifting and motivating” effects.

Have a separate spread of edibles.

Themed edibles can be fun! Just make sure to put a sign next to them and keep them away from the other snacks. One idea: Bake special cookies using this recipe, but decorate them like this!

Plan some fun activities.

For those who don’t want to pay tons of attention to the debate, set up a coloring book station. We recommend these ones with a sense of humor.

Via Amazon

Via Amazon

Have some mellow post-debate viewing on deck.

Depending on the mood after the debate, you might need some comic relief. Last Week Tonight airs at 11 p.m., or you could watch the fantastic and hilarious Triumph Election Specials on Hulu.

Are you over 18?