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Regulating Recreational Cannabis Is the Real Challenge in Maine

House Rep. Diane Russell discusses what comes after legalization.

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On Nov. 8, if the majority of Maine voters say yes to Question 1, the state will legalize recreational cannabis. The initiative, formally known as the Maine Marijuana Legalization Measure, is just the first step. Maine House Rep. Diane Russell, who is a proponent but not a cannabis consumer, wants people to understand the importance of what comes next: regulation and taxation. “If you want it legalized, there is a quid pro quo,” she says.

MERRY JANE took an autumnal stroll with Rep. Russell to discuss Question 1, changing views and coverage of cannabis, the threat of big marijuana to small farmers and businesses, and why the cannabis community will have to compromise and cooperate with non-smokers to create regulations that work for everyone. Watch the video for her insights.

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