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DGK’s Dwayne Fagundes Skates Amazingly, He Just Can’t Do It in America

A playful poke at the Brazilian skateboarder’s immigration issues, and a testament his superior ledge skating abilities.

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Sometimes unfortunate events can cost us the very best of opportunities. In the case of DGK and El Señor rider Dwayne Fagundes his unkindly run-in with the police in America some time ago earned him an immigration ban. His blacklisting forced him back to Brazil where, without missing a beat, he’s continued to foster his incredible skateboarding abilities.

With this in mind DGK just put out an edit making the best of the situation by alluding to the Eddie Murphy classic “Coming To America” and enlisting some of their other bad-ass riders—Dane Vaughn, Derrick Wilson, Marquise Henry, Quel Haddox, Maurice Jordan—to support Fagundes in his line-crushing prowess. 

The official statement or words under the “Dwayne Fagundes Is Not Coming To America” clip read as follows:

There was once a young skateboarder in Brazil named Dwayne Fagundes. Dwayne dreamed of coming to the USA in search of plazas and skating with his DGK brothers. While on his way to the states, Dwayne had one bad run-in with the police and they shipped him right back to Brazil. Dwayne turned that negative into a positive and kept it moving in the streets of South America.

Truth be told, Dwayne’s skateboarding is the stuff ledge god statuses are made of. Unlike other Brazilians doing their high-flying thing, Fagundes’ raw, hip hop-driven, search-and-destroy approach to his style and line ability make him cut from the same cloth as American ledge kings like Stevie Williams. Whether he’ll be back in the future or banned in the USA forever, the dude’s skate hustle definitely can’t be knocked. Maybe that’s why 50 Cent’s “Hustler’s Ambition” and Juicy J’s “Can’t Stop Us” are the perfect sonic additions to this edit and his general story.

Regardless of his immigration status Dwayne Fagundes is an unsung hero deserving of real street skateboarding props for this dedication and abilities. If you don’t already know, now you know. 

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