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5 Great Ways to Add Concentrated Cannabis to Joints

"Twax" like a pro.

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As the world begins to embrace legal recreational and medicinal marijuana, you’ll notice a spike in creative ways to consume this miracle plant. I discovered a particularly inspiring and potent method of ganja delivery from popular cannabis blogger and photographer SheSmokesJoints. She’s notorious for rolling beautiful “twaxed” joints, numerous pictures of which decorate her Instagram.

What’s twax? It’s when you add concentrated cannabis like shatter or wax to your flower and rolling paper before you smoke it. And the appeal? “I like to feel as if my joint has punched me in the face,” SheSmokesJoints says. I wholeheartedly agree. If you’re looking to add some pizzazz to your next session, pay attention.

Dip it in icing.

Once you’ve applied a web or snake of shatter along the outside of the rolling paper, heat it with your lighter or hemp wick to get it nice and sticky before rolling it in a mound of magnificent, crystalline kief. Voilà!

Spin a web.

Using a dab tool, stretch sappy shatter across your joint’s tip to create a web across the opening. If your shatter is super stable, fasten it to your tool and heat it up with a lighter or hemp wick to give it a tacky consistency. In order to smoke a shatter web, you’ll need to keep the flame over the tip longer than normal to melt it. Enjoy those first few intense hits.

Make a snake.

Shatter comes in varying consistencies. When the material is stable, warm it with your fingers to increase elasticity and create a snake-like shape as you twist it around your joint. When it’s sappy, use a dabber tool to grab a dab and touch it to the paper while spinning the joint around to form a snake. Warning: You’ll need to rotate your twaxed jay at an angle as you smoke it to prevent shatter from dripping, burning and causing a big sticky mess. For a visual, watch SheSmokesJoints' informative tutorial above. 

Sprinkle kief on it.

The easiest way to twax is by adding kief, the luminous resin trichomes of cannabis, to a joint. Sprinkle a little on top of your bud before twisting one up. Distributing the crystals evenly guarantees a smooth burn. Pro tip: Cannador makes a handy canister with kief repository for convenient collecting.

Add shatter, wax, or live resin.

By adding shatter, wax, or live resin to the inside of your joint, it burns slower and stronger. Don’t allow the concentrates to touch the paper, though. If this happens, it will run when lit. Instead, add a dash of dab material on top of your ground up weed. Create a line down the center. When you roll it, the sticky substance will be enveloped by the dry herb, keeping your paper safe and ready for combustion.